How I Work

How I Work

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I work with women who want to improve their diet, health or lose weight

I use an evidenced based approach to nutrition - fact over fad!

I support my clients to loose weight without fad diets or extreme calorie restriction

I will show you that you can still enjoy the foods you love!

I consider all aspects of your lifestyle including sleep, work and physical activity

My approach is based on behaviour change science including motivational interviewing alongside transformational coaching

I currently work with clients online via a video consultation platform

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My Qualifications

  • Student nutritionist - graduation in Autumn 2021
  • Qualified Health Coach from Health Coach Institute (HCI) 2018
  • Qualified GP (MRCGP) 2015
  • Diploma Faculty of Sexual and reproductive Health (DFSRH) 2013
  • MBBS - medical degree from Hull-York Medical School 2010
  • BSc Sport & Exercise Science 2006

How I can help you with Nutrition Coaching

TV & Radio

Get free access to my inspirational webinars

Food Behaviour

Learn how you can still enjoy the foods you love

Shopping Habits

Get organised with food shopping

Meal Planning

Evidence based nutrition advice and meal inspiration

Dr Helen Lawal_Icon 1_Healthy Food

Eat more plants and improve your gut health

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Weight loss advice and support


I use an Intuitive Eating approach

My Scope Of Practice

I am a Health Coach and qualified with the Health Coach Institute (HCI) and I am a Member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

I am insured and both my insurance certificate and my qualification certificates are available to view if required.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a qualified doctor but do not work clinically with health coaching clients. I do not take a medical history, examination, diagnose or prescribe as part of my health coaching practice. I am unable to give out medical advice.

I am not a dietician so if you have significant health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease or cancer I will ask you to seek out the advice of a dietician who is better qualified to help you.

I am not a therapist or a counsellor, so if I feel that this is what you need at this point in your journey I will offer you advice on how you can access this elsewhere.

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