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Healthy eating and weight loss without relying on fad diets or restricting the foods you love…

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Learn to understand your cravings, snacking and emotional eating habits

Explore your relationship with food and how stress, sleep and exercise can all have an impact

Learn which foods bring you energy and which foods deplete your energy

Develop a “menu” of quick and easy ways to eat more vegetables and healthy food

Enjoy the foods you love without being a slave to cravings and emotional eating

Create lots of new healthy eating habits, that make you feel good. Happy, healthy habits. The type that stick and become the new normal.

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Work with me and get access to

Regular 1:1 sessions with me via video call or face-to-face

Inspiration for healthy meals and snacks

Handouts and resources to support your new healthy eating habits

Bespoke stationery to help you get organised, including a meal planner

Access to a private Facebook Group for my clients only – providing support, accountability and inspiration. 3 magic ingredients for success.

Prices for nutrition coaching

Initial consultation and nutritional assessment £250 (90 minutes). 

Follow-up sessions are 55 minutes and block bookings  of 4  to 12 sessions are recommended for continuity and accountability. 

Get in touch and arrange an initial Discovery Call so that we can chat about your goals and aspirations.

“I was searching for some help to make changes in my life but was not quite sure what I needed.…coaching with Helen has been life changing. Her passionate, non-judgemental and enlightening sessions have enabled me to re-evaluate my health and lifestyle. I have emerged stronger and happier. I can not recommend Helen highly enough.”

Farah, 34

First time Mym & Doctor

"I have learnt that every day I am designing my life. Everything is a choice and I feel empowered..."

Tara, 40

Business owner and Mum of 3
join me at my latest webinar

Join me for my latest webinar

Looking for healthy eating support and inspiration?

If you’re super busy and not quite ready to commit to 1-to-1 Nutrition Coaching, why not sign up to my next webinar; connect with me live and be inspired to create healthy new habits!

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